is a Business Name Owned & Registered by Design Construct Industries PtyLtd (ABN: 50 117 543 129 / ACN: 117 543 129)

Design Construct Industries Pty Ltd

DCI offers you an innovative water storage solution that can be manufactured in Canberra and transported very economically anywhere in Australia or overseas.

The Unitank has a capacity of over 2,000 litres. It can be packed with its supporting frame in a flat pack and can be easily manhandled and assembled virtually anywhere with readily available tools (a sledge hammer, a cordless drill and, if the mounting anchor has not been pre-cut to size, an angle grinder).

Even better, the structure uses no concrete, the 'mega-anchor" foundation (which can withstand a 2.5 tonne force) can be readily installed into most soils without the need for levelling, post hole digging or other built foundations.

The whole structure can be up to three metres high and is capable of withstanding a cyclone or earthquake.

Free transport for over 20 units !

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